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Metal Ip68 Air Vent Plug

Technical Parameters

Metric,PG,G(PF) and NPT
Protection degree
IP67-IP68 (with O-ring)
Working temperature
-40℃ to 250℃.
1.Let the air through and prevent the moisture and dust through.Keep product enclosures pressure balance and avoid condensation for outdoor Lighting or Enclosure.
2.Customize the waterproof level according to the water depth and air permeability .
3. Mainly used in hazardous area,explosion-proof electrical equipment connections,chemicals,petroleum,carious sectors of electricity,light industry,machinery,etc.,especially for automation engineering line installation.
ePTFE material for breathable membrane , brass with nickel plated for the main body and nut parts, and high temperature resistant silicone for O-ring.
0.2ml to 12L per Hour at 7kpa
Water inlet pressure
>5 bar

Product Description

A metal breathable valve is a device that can control the flow of gas and liquid, mainly composed of a shell, spring plates, breathable materials, and other parts. It is widely used in industries such as chemical, metallurgical, aviation, and military, and can be used for regulating, balancing, and releasing gases or liquids in pipelines and containers.

The shell of this product is made of high-quality aluminum alloy or brass nickel plated material, which has excellent corrosion resistance and high strength and hardness. It can not only meet the requirements of various harsh environments, but also effectively protect internal equipment from external damage and damage.

In addition, the spring plate of this product is made of high elastic alloy material, which has good elasticity and tightness. It can quickly and accurately adjust the internal pressure through changes in external pressure, ensuring that the pressure inside the pipeline or container is always maintained at a stable and safe level.

Breathable materials are a key part of this product, which can play a role in controlling gas or liquid flow. There are many types of breathable materials that can be selected according to different purposes and work situations. Commonly used breathable materials include filter screens, mesh plates, precision mesh plates, etc. This product uses high-quality mesh plates with adjustable density and pore size, which can be adjusted according to different fluid characteristics and needs to achieve the best ventilation effect.

The advantage of a metal vent valve is not only that it can control the flow of gas or liquid, but also that it can form good gas or liquid flow patterns inside the pipeline or container, thereby achieving stable and safe operation. At the same time, it also has the following advantages:

1. High reliability: Due to the use of aluminum alloy or brass nickel plated high-strength materials for external materials, high elastic alloy materials for internal spring plates, and high-quality mesh plates for breathable materials, the entire product has high corrosion resistance, compression resistance, and wear resistance, and can operate stably for a long time.

2. Easy to use: This product has a simple structure, small size, and easy installation. At the same time, the internal breathable material can be replaced as needed at any time, making it have a wider range of applications and more flexible application methods.

3. Wide adaptability: Metal breathable valves can not only be used for the transportation of various media, but also be suitable for different pressure, flow rate, and temperature ranges, with a wide range of applications. In addition, it can also be used in conjunction with other pipelines or equipment to form a stable gas or liquid flow system.

In short, the metal vent valve is a powerful, stable, and widely used gas or liquid control device that can meet the needs of various industrial fields. If you need more product information or purchase this product, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

Decomposition Diagrams

Technical Data sheet

Brass Waterproof Breathable Valve
Thread Thread O.D
Thread Length
Body material Air Permeability Oleophobic grade
M5*0.8 5 6 Brass >500ml/min
M6*1.0 6 6 Brass >800ml/min
M8*1.0 8 7 Brass >1000ml/min
M8*1.25 8 7 Brass >1200ml/min
M12*1.5 12 8 Brass >2000ml/min
M16*1.5 16 8 Brass >3800ml/min
M20*1.5 20 8 Brass >5000ml/min


Installation instructions

Metal vent valve is an important explosion-proof safety device used in equipment such as pressure vessels, pipelines, and storage tanks, which can safely and effectively vent and release pressure. The installation of metal vent valves will directly affect the safe operation of the equipment, so it is necessary to install them correctly according to relevant specifications and standards.

1. Selection of installation location

The installation position of the metal vent valve should be at the highest point of the equipment and the place where gas is easy to accumulate, so that gas accumulation can be detected and released in a timely manner. The installation height should be calculated based on the operating pressure and temperature of the equipment.

2. Selection of installation method

There are various installation methods for metal vent valves, including flanges, threads, and welding. It is very important to choose the most suitable installation method based on the characteristics and requirements of the equipment. At the same time, reliable connection sealing should be ensured during installation.

3. Preparation before installation

Before installing the metal vent valve, it is necessary to inspect and maintain the equipment. Ensure that the surface of the equipment is clean and undamaged, and that the sealing surface is flat. The metal vent valve also needs to be inspected to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements, without damage or deformation.

4. Precautions during installation

During the installation process of metal vent valves, the following points need to be noted:

(1) Properly select sealing gaskets, interfaces, and connection methods.

(2) Avoid external impact and compression on the interior of the metal vent valve.

(3) After installation, pressure testing should be conducted to ensure safety.

(4) During the installation process, it is necessary to comply with safety operating procedures and pay attention to personal safety.

5. Inspection and maintenance after installation

After the installation of the metal vent valve is completed, it needs to be inspected and maintained to ensure normal operation and extend its service life. Regularly check the sealing, ventilation, and mechanical performance of metal vent valves. If any problems are found, timely maintenance or replacement should be carried out.

In summary, the installation of metal vent valves requires careful and rigorous operation to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. During the installation process, it is necessary to comply with relevant safety regulations and operating procedures to ensure that each link meets the requirements, thereby ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

How to choose the correct thread ?

1.First confirm the hole diameter of the mounting panel hole and chenck if it is a tapping hole.
2.Find the matching thread international standard according to the technical parameter table (Metric,PG,NPT,G) .
3.If there is no tapping hole on the mounting panel ,you can choose any type of thread .
4.Long thread type of cable gland is required by the thickness of mounting panel .


1.Question: Can customize long thread of metal cable gland ?
Answer: Yes. The shape and screw length of ordinary metal products can be customized after 3D & CAD drawings are provided without new molds (except for special appearance products).
2.Question: when is the lead time?
Answer: Standard goods can be shipped out within 3-7 business days.Customized model based on the QTY.