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PE White Black Round Spiral Wire Wrapping Band cable wire wrap

Technical Parameters

Product material
Standard in natural& lack and .Other colors available upon request.
1. Easy installation: No other tools needed. Spiral Cable Wrap the cable management sleeves around your cords and within a minute
2. Safety: Spiral Wrap (Heavy-Duty) provides safe protection for cables, wires, hoses, & tubing from the wear and tear, prevent electric leakage.
3.Easy to cut and wrap.
4.Protects against abrasion, chafing and cuts and also helps prevent tangling.
5.Made of frost and heat resistant HDPE(Heavy-Duty Polyethylene).
6.This polyethylene is extruded, giving its final form smooth, rounded edges.
Temperature Range
-50C to 80C (-58F to 176F).

Decomposition Diagrams

Technical Data sheet

Spiral Wrapping Bands
Cat. No d(mm) D(mm) W(mm) Wrapping Range
PJ-SWB-03 1.5  3.0  4.0  1.5-10 10mm
PJ-SWB-06 4.0  6.0  7.0  4-50 10mm
PJ-SWB-08 6.0  8.0  10.8  6-60 10mm
PJ-SWB-10 8.0  10.0  11.4  7.5-60 10mm
PJ-SWB-12 9.0  12.0  14.0  9-65 10mm
PJ-SWB-15 12.0  15.0  15.0  12-75 10mm
PJ-SWB-19 15.0  19.0  18.0  15-100 10mm
PJ-SWB-24 20.0  24.0  19.5  20-130 10mm
PJ-SWB-30 26.0  30.0  43.0  26-150 10mm


1.Question: can i print our own logo on product packing ?
Answer: Of course.we are a professional manufacturing with over 10 years of OEM exprience,Customer's LOGO can be produced by laser, embossing, printing, etc.
3.Question: what is the lead time?
Answer: Standard goods can be shipped out within 3-7 business days.
4.Question: If we buy your product and find quality problems, how to solve it?
Answer: If quality problems are caused by us instead of external reasons, we will compensate each item to the customer
5.Question: Can be accept OEM color & packing of flexible corrguated pipe?
Answer: Yes,OEM,ODM  can be accepted .