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Silicone metal M PG G(PF) and NPT Size Cable Gland

Technical Parameters

Silicone metal Cable Gland
Metric,PG,G(PF) and NPT
Protection degree
in the range of the specified bayonet, use the O-ring to tighten the fastening head to IP68.
Working temperature
-50℃ to 180℃.
1.This type of cable gland removes the claw parts, and the precise improved design perfectly connects the inner core and the main body parts, making it easier to assemble without changing the waterproof performance.
2.Weather resistant , can keep elasticity in the range of - 50 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, and can be used for a long time.
3.O-ring groove, closer connection. All rubber protective sleeve, to protect the connection more secure.
4.Applicable to machinery control boxes, distribution panels, electrical appliances, machines, etc.
Brass with nickel plated A,C,F parts,UL approved Nylon PA66(Flammability UL94V-2) for E part.EPDM rubber for B,D parts.
Hermetic seal
NBR , Silicone rubber
NBR , Silicone rubber

Metal silicone cable gland is a sealing material specifically used for cable sealing. This product is made of high-quality metal and silicone materials, which have the advantages of reliable quality, waterproof, strong tensile resistance, high temperature resistance, and a wide range of clamping cables. It is a very practical cable sealing material.
Firstly, the quality of the metal silicone cable gland is very reliable. It is made of high-quality metal and silicone materials, and undergoes strict production process control to ensure stable product quality. It can prevent foreign substances such as water, oil, and dirt from invading the outside of the cable, effectively protecting the cable and extending its service life.
Secondly, the metal silicone cable gland has good waterproof performance. Silicone material itself is a very good waterproof material, while metal can better protect cables and silicone materials, effectively preventing moisture, water vapor, and other substances from entering the interior of cables, ensuring a longer lifespan of cables.
Once again, the metal silicone cable gland has extremely strong tensile resistance. The structural design of this product is special, which can effectively increase its tensile strength, and even in harsh environments such as heavy rain, it can maintain its position to protect the cable.
In addition, the metal silicone cable gland also has excellent high-temperature resistance. It can maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments without melting deformation and other phenomena, thus ensuring the long-lasting and efficient use of the cable.
Finally, the clamping range of the metal silicone cable gland is very large. It adopts an elastic metal conveyor belt structure, which can automatically adapt to cables of different diameters and tightly clamp the cables, thereby ensuring the safe and stable use of the cables.
In short, metal silicone cable sealing sleeve is a very excellent cable sealing material, with advantages such as reliable quality, waterproof, strong tensile resistance, high temperature resistance, and wide clamping range of cables. It has a wide range of applications in fields such as home, industry, and commerce.

Decomposition Diagrams

Technical Data sheet

Thread Code Cable Range
Thread O.D
Thread Length
Spanner Size
M8*0.5 1 5-5.5 8 4 12/11 50
M8*0.5 2 3-4.5 8 4 12/11 50
M10*1.5 3 4-5.5 10 6 14/14 50
M10*1.5 4 4-6.2 10 6 14/14 50
M12*1.5 5 5-6.5 12 4 14/16 50
M12*1.5 6 4.5-7.8 12 5.5 14/15 50
M12*1.5 7 5-6.5 12 6 15/15 50
M12*1.5 8 4.5-6.5 12 6 14/16 50
M12*1.5 9 6.5-8 12 8 14/16 50
M12*1.5 10 6.5-8 12 8 14/16 50
M16*1.5 11 6.5-8 16 9 18/18 50
M16*1.5 12 6.5-8 16 9 18/18 50
M16*1.5 13 8-10 16 9 18/20 50

Installation requirements

1. When peeling and cutting cables, it should be completed all at once to minimize the time of insulation exposure. The insulation layer should be retained and the wire core should not be damaged.

2. If there is a potential difference between the two ends of the cable line, the joints at the lower position should be constructed first.

3. When connecting cable terminals and connectors, sealing, moisture-proof and mechanical protection measures should be taken, and attention should be paid to strengthening insulation.

4. When connecting a three core oil-paper insulated cable, a 25mm insulation material should be left behind. After removing the shielding carbon ink paper, it should be ensured that the end is flat. When applying force to the curve core, it should be as uniform as possible to avoid damaging the wire core.

5. The metal shielding layer and armor layer of the cables on both sides of the joint should be well connected without interruption. If the cable needs to be buried directly, the metal protective layer should be well protected against corrosion.

6. When connecting, the oil stains inside the wire core and connector should be removed. After crimping, the protrusions at the connection should be smoothed to avoid burrs.

7. Cable accessories, such as grounding boxes, cross interconnection boxes, cross interconnection boxes, etc., should be designed in accordance with the specifications.

8. When installing joints, sealing measures such as sealing, moisture-proof, and sealing measures should be taken at the connection points.

Why choosing Silicone material of seal

"Protect wires from chafing against drilled holes. Using weather resistant silicone material for seal part ,which acts as a guard from the sharp sheet metal edges. Effectively solves the technical problems existing in the existing technology related to the use of power equipment, such as the cable joint is easy to aging and blistering after long-term use, making its elasticity disappear, or even separated from each other. It ensures the insulation, shielding and sealing performance of cable joints after long-term use.

It is mainly used for lifting and conveying of raw water and sewage, water supply and cooling circulating water of thermal power plant, pipeline conveying of chemical substances in metallurgical industry, condensate water, chemical industry, cooling and dilution in petrochemical industry and flexible connection between long and short distance pipelines in other industries. Because rubber has high wear resistance, it is also suitable for all industries of granular and powdery and low-temperature transportation of vapor."

How to choose the correct thread 

1.First confirm the hole diameter of panel hole and then advise if there is tapping hole on the mounting panel.                        
2.Choosing the correct thread international standard.(Metric,PG,NPT,G).                        
3.If there is no tapping hole on the mounting panel ,you can choose any type of thread .                        
4.Long thread type of cable gland is required by the thickness of mounting panel .