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Nylon Breathable Air Vent Cable Gland

Technical Parameters

Metric,PG,G(PF) and NPT
Protection degree
Working temperature
Static -40 ℃ to 100 ℃, or instantly heat-resistant to 120 ℃. Dynamically -20 ℃ to 80 ℃, or instantly heat-resistant to 100 ℃
This connector has a ventilation function. Allow air to pass through, prevent moisture and dust from passing through, maintain a balanced pressure on the product casing, and avoid outdoor lighting or condensation on the casing. Easy to use and install. Customize waterproofing levels based on water depth and breathability. The use of this breathing cable gland helps to extend its service life.
UL approved Nyion PA66(Flammability UL94V-2)for A,C,F parts,UL 94V-0 nylon PA66 material can be customized; EPDM for B,D parts,can customize other rubber.
Hermetic seal
NBR、Silicone rubber
NBR、Silicone rubber

Nylon breathable cable gland is a high-quality and reliable cable gland made of high-quality nylon PA66 material. This sealing sleeve has good waterproof performance, quickly restoring breathability after contact with liquid, and has the advantage of high breathability, which can effectively protect cables and connectors from the influence of humid environments. At the same time, this product also combines the characteristics of inert singularity, chemical resistance, and UV resistance, ensuring the long-term use of the sealing sleeve in harsh environments.

The nylon PA66 material used in the nylon breathable cable gland has high mechanical strength, as well as excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. It can withstand high strength stretching and compression in different working environments, maintaining its long-lasting service life. The appearance of the sealing sleeve adopts a flat surface design to avoid any problems during installation and use. In addition, the sealing sleeve is designed with embedded protective film, which can maintain its unique characteristics and prevent dust, impurities, and other pollutants from corroding the sealing sleeve.

The nylon breathable cable gland has excellent breathability. While maintaining good ventilation of the connector, it can effectively prevent water vapor, moisture, and other liquids from entering the inside of the cable connector, improve the stability and reliability of the connector, and protect the inside of the connector from corrosion and other issues. The sealing sleeve can prevent dust and debris from entering the outside while emitting heat, avoiding the aging and deterioration of cable connectors caused by insufficient ventilation and heat dissipation, and effectively extending the service life of cable connectors.

Nylon breathable cable gland is a high-performance product suitable for industries such as industrial automation, electronics, solar panels, LED lighting, and photovoltaic cells. It not only has good waterproof performance, but also has high-performance features such as dust prevention, gas resistance, and electromagnetic interference resistance, greatly improving the reliability of the product. It plays an important role in power supply, communication, and control systems and is an important and indispensable accessory.

Decomposition Diagrams

Nylon vent valve connector
model C.R
Spanner Size
M12 4-8 12 8.5 18/19
M16 5-10 16 10 22/22
M20S 6-12 20 10 27/24
PG7 4-8 12.5 8.5 17/19
PG9 4-8 15.2 8.5 22/19
PG11 6-10 18.6 10 24/22
PG13.5 7-12.5 20.4 10 27/24


How to choose the correct thread ?

1.First confirm the hole diameter of the mounting panel hole and chenck if it is a tapping hole.
2.Find the matching thread international standard according to the technical parameter table (Metric,PG,NPT,G) .
3.If there is no tapping hole on the mounting panel ,you can choose any type of thread .
4.Long thread type of cable gland is required by the thickness of mounting panel .


Instructions photo



1.Question: Are they UL listed?
Answer: We have finished UL listed and raw material UL approved .You can choose the one you want according to your requirement .
2.Question: How long is the working life of cable gland?
Answer:More than 10 years under normal environment.
3.Question: when is the lead time?
Answer: Standard goods can be shipped out within 3-7 business days.
4.Question: Can be accept OEM cable gland & packing?
Answer: Yes,OEM,ODM  can be accepted .