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Ventilated Metal M pg size waterproof Brass Cable Gland

Technical Parameters

Metal ventilation cable gland
Metric,PG,G(PF) and NPT
Protection degree
IP67-IP69K (with O-ring)
Working temperature
-40℃ to 125℃.
1.Let the air through and prevent the moisture and dust through.Keep product enclosures pressure balance and avoid condensation for outdoor Lighting or Enclosure.
2.Customize the waterproof level according to the water depth and air permeability .
3. Mainly used in hazardous area,explosion-proof electrical equipment connections,chemicals,petroleum,carious sectors of electricity,light industry,machinery,etc.,especially for automation engineering line installation.
ePTFE material for breathable membrane , brass with nickel plated for the main body and nut parts, and high temperature resistant silicone for O-ring.
0.2ml to 12L per Hour at 7kpa
Water inlet pressure
>5 bar
Hermetic seal
NBR , Silicone rubber
NBR , Silicone rubber

Metal breathable cable gland is a widely used sealing device at cable connections. Its main function is to ensure that the cable at the connection is not affected by external factors such as liquids and gases during operation. At the same time, it can also play a series of excellent protective effects such as waterproofing, heat dissipation, and breathability. This product is made of brass material and adopts high-quality nickel plating process, ensuring its reliable quality, long service life, and effectively protecting the interface from corrosion and oxidation.

The design of its product adopts a unique breathable structure, which can ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation of the internal cables while ensuring waterproofing, avoiding overheating caused by long-term operation of the cables, and extending the service life of the equipment. The sealing sleeve also has excellent waterproof function, stable and reliable sealing performance, and will not be affected by the environment and cause water leakage. It effectively protects the internal cables and ensures that they are not damaged during long-term operation.

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of our products, we have also conducted strict testing and testing on each product to ensure that there are no faults or problems during use. At the same time, we have also established a series of strict quality management and production standards, and any products that do not meet the standards will be eliminated and recycled, ensuring the quality and safety of every product we produce.

In short, the metal breathable cable gland is an excellent cable connection device, with excellent performance in terms of metal material, breathable structure, and waterproof ability, providing reliable protection for your equipment. It is an indispensable cable connection product for you.

Decomposition Diagrams

Technical Data sheet

Ventilated Metal Cable Gland

Thread C.R
Spanner Size
M12 3-6.5 12 6.5 14/14
M14 4-8 14 7 17/17
M16 4-8 16 8 18/18
M20 6-12 20 8 22/22
M20 8-14 20 8 22/22
PG7 3-6.5 12.5 6.5 14/14
PG9 4-8 15.2 7 17/17

Metal breathable cable gland is a sealing material used to protect cables, which has functions such as breathable filtration, waterproof and anti-corrosion, compressive and seismic resistance. Suitable for various occasions, such as basements, tunnels, bridges, cable dressing rooms, etc. When installing metal breathable cable glands, the following points need to be noted.
1、 Choose a suitable specification of sealing sleeve
To ensure sealing performance, appropriate metal breathable cable glands should be selected based on the specifications and quantity of the cables. In general, the inner diameter of the sealing sleeve should be greater than the outer diameter of the cable and ensure that the cable can move freely inside the sleeve.
2、 Clean construction site
Before installing the sealing sleeve, the construction site should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the sealing sleeve can be completely sealed with the surrounding environment. If there are dust, grease, and other debris on the construction site, a cleaning solution can be used to wipe it clean.
3、 Correct construction
When installing the sealing sleeve, it is necessary to carry out the correct construction according to the requirements. Firstly, apply sealant to the cable and insert the sealing sleeve into the center of the cable. Then, rotate the pressure plate clockwise onto the sealing sleeve and press firmly. Finally, tighten the fixing screw with a wrench.
4、 Check sealing performance
After installation, the sealing performance of the metal breathable cable gland should be checked. During inspection, pressure can be applied to detect or detect water leakage. If the sealing sleeve does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced or adjusted in a timely manner.
5、 Regular maintenance
To ensure the service life of the sealing sleeve, regular maintenance should be carried out. Mainly including cleaning, maintenance, and inspection of sealing performance. When cleaning, surface debris can be wiped with clean water. During maintenance, grease can be applied. During inspection, a pressure gauge or hydraulic testing machine can be used for testing.
In summary, installing metal breathable cable sealing sleeves requires attention to various issues, such as selecting appropriate specifications of sealing sleeves, cleaning the construction site, correct construction, checking sealing performance, and regular maintenance. Only by strictly following the requirements can the safe use of the sealing sleeve be guaranteed.


How to choose the correct thread ?

1.First confirm the hole diameter of the mounting panel hole and chenck if it is a tapping hole.
2.Find the matching thread international standard according to the technical parameter table (Metric,PG,NPT,G) .
3.If there is no tapping hole on the mounting panel ,you can choose any type of thread .
4.Long thread type of cable gland is required by the thickness of mounting panel .