Why Pinji

Pinji has always been "people-oriented" and the management is committed to integrate the personal value of employees and the value of the enterprise by creating favorable learning conditions. It further creates a excellent working environment, strongly advocating the "unity, comprising of efficient and innovative" entrepreneurial spirit. This contributes to a good image of integrity and forming a positive and enterprising corporate culture. This is enhancing competition and strengthens the cohesiveness and effectiveness of the enterprise.

We actively perform the obligation to cultivate, incorporate talent education and training into the company ’s development plan. We also carry out regular product training and professional skills training, promote open selection and competition for employment. We enhance professional competition and awareness . Pinji talents continues to increase with the improvement of our corporate efficiency.

Joining the Pinji team,will lead to a bright future!

It takes ten years to grow trees
but a hundred years to rear people.

Pinji Value

Our success begins with our cultural value.

Sincere and responsible
keep improving

We believe that we and our customers are sincere and enthusiastic to provide competitive communication solutions and services to achieve our greatest value.

customer first

Noble ethics and constant respect for people; comprehensively satisfy customers from the aspects of design, quality and after-sales.

Persevere and strive to
be progressive

We constantly encourage every employee to come up with ideas to provide superior service.

Multicultural and

We accept employees with different characteristics and different ways of thinking, and cultivate the ability to discover new market opportunities

Life in Pinji

There is a kind of happiness called “the unit is with me “.Pinji advocates that employees set self-development goals and encourages teamwork to realize value.Understand the working life of the employees ans support flexible working hours to deal with employees personal emergencies.

Pinji provides employees with transparent and fair job opportunities and improves employees’ abilities in value.thinking ,and skills . It can improve the promotion mechanism of employees to ensure employees’ satisfaction.