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Wire Cable Underwater Ip68 Electrical Waterproof Connector

Technical Parameters

Cable Waterproof Connector
Product material
Waterpump connecting ,street lamp and construction site,etc
Grey,Blackother color customized
Protection level
Hermetic seal
NBR、Silicone rubber
NBR、Silicone rubberd
working temperature
Static state:-40℃ to 100℃,short time to 120℃;Dynamic state:-20℃ to 80℃ short time to 100℃

This product is a docking type nylon cable gland made of nylon PA66. It has the advantages of waterproofing, strong tensile resistance, and high temperature resistance, and is suitable for LED light circuit combinations.

This product has passed UL fire protection certification, with reliable quality and high safety. Its docking design makes installation convenient and fast, without the need to disassemble the original wiring harness to complete the installation, effectively improving work efficiency.

In addition, the cable gland has been carefully designed and has excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, which will not deform, age or fall off after long-term use. Its high-strength material can withstand tension, bending, and is not easily broken, effectively protecting the safety of the line.

This product also has high flame retardancy and is not easily combustible even in high temperature environments, effectively preventing the occurrence of fire accidents. Meanwhile, its superior insulation performance can protect the circuit from external interference, with high stability, ensuring the normal use of LED lights.

In summary, this product is a high-quality cable gland with excellent waterproof, strong tensile resistance, and high temperature resistance. It is widely used in LED light circuit combinations, providing users with a safer and more reliable user experience.

Decomposition Diagrams

Technical Data sheet

Nylon Cable Connector
Metric / PG
Part No. Cable Range
Thread O.D
Spanner Size
  A Part F Part B Part D Part    
M20S-7 4-7 4-7 20 20 22/22/23 50
M20S-11 6-11 6-11 20 20 22/22/23 50
M20S-7-11 4-7 6-11 20 20 22/22/23 50
M20-14 9-14 9-14 20 20 22/27/23 50
M20-12 6-12 6-12 20 20 22/27/23 50
M20-12-14 6-12 9-14 20 20 22/27/23 50
M25-16 10-16 10-16 25 25 27/27/27 50
M25-18 13-19 13-19 25 25 27/33/27 50
M25-16-18 10-16 13-18 25 25 27/33/27 50
PG9-5.5 3-5.5 3-5.5 15.2 15.2 19/19 50
PG9-5.5 4-8 4-8 15.2



19/19 50

How to choose the correct thread ?

1.First confirm the hole diameter of the mounting panel hole and chenck if it is a tapping hole.
2.Find the matching thread international standard according to the technical parameter table (Metric,PG,NPT,G) .
3.If there is no tapping hole on the mounting panel ,you can choose any type of thread .
4.Long thread type of cable gland is required by the thickness of mounting panel .


1.Question: Are they UL listed?
Answer: We have finished UL listed and raw material UL (尼龙PA66制成防火等级UL94V-2) approved .You can choose the one you want according to your requirement .
2.Question: How long is the working life of cable gland?
Answer:More than 10 years under normal environment.
3.Question: when is the lead time?
Answer: Standard goods can be shipped out within 3-7 businessdays.
4.Question: Can be accept OEM cable gland & packing?
Answer: Yes,OEM,ODM  can be accepted .