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Nylon Screw type Plastic Enclosure waterproof ip66 Grey junction box

Technical Parameters

PB Series Plastic Enclosure junction box(Nylon Screw)
Electrical or industrial
Light Gray or Customize

Product Name :PB Series Plastic Enclosure junction box(Nylon Screw)


Material : ABS,Plastic

Colour : Light Gray or Customize

Application : Electrical or industrial

Processing : Plastic Injection

Customization : Cutout holes, silkscreen print etc

Drawing Format :PDF, CAD, STP, Jpg etc

Function : Water-proof, Dust-proof, Fire-proof, Ultraviolet-proof

Protection Level:Ip66

The PB series plastic housing junction box is made of high-quality plastic, with high hardness and durability. Equipped with screws for easy assembly. It has good performance, no corrosion, anti static, and insulation resistance. There are screw holes inside for PCB fixing. It can be used indoors and outdoors, suitable for various types of control boxes, cabinets, power distribution instrument boxes, electronic enclosures, etc.

  Size         Product Modle
Cover:Grey Body:Grey Cover:Transparent(PC) Body:Grey(ABS) Cover:Grey Body:Grey Cover:Transparent Body:Grey
50*65*55 PB-AG-050605 PB-AT-050605 PB-PG-050605 PB-PT-050605
55*70*43 PB-AG-050704 PB-AT-050704 PB-PG-050704 PB-PT-050704
55*91*43 PB-AG-050904 PB-AT-050904 PB-PG-050904 PB-PT-050904
65*95*55 PB-AG-060905 PB-AT-060905 PB-PG-060905 PB-PT-060905
75*91*43 PB-AG-070904 PB-AT-070904 PB-PG-070904 PB-PT-070904
75*105*60 PB-AG-071006 PB-AT-071006 PB-PG-071006 PB-PT-071006
75*125*48 PB-AG-071204-S PB-AT-071204-S PB-PG-071204-S PB-PT-071204-S
75*125*75 PB-AG-071207 PB-AT-071207 PB-PG-071207 PB-PT-071207
75*125*100 PB-AG-071210-1 PB-AT-071210-1 PB-PG-071210-1 PB-PT-071210-1
80*80*60 PB-AG-080806 PB-AT-080806 PB-PG-080806 PB-PT-080806
80*80*65 PB-AG-080808-1 PB-AT-080808-1 PB-PG-080808-1 PB-PT-080808-1
80*110*45 PB-AG-081104-S PB-AT-081104-S PB-PG-081104-S PB-PT-081104-S
80*110*60 PB-AG-081106-1S PB-AT-081106-1S PB-PG-081106-1S PB-PT-081106-1S
80*110*70 PB-AG-081107 PB-AT-081107 PB-PG-081107 PB-PT-081107
80*110*85 PB-AG-081108-1 PB-AT-081108-1 PB-PG-081108-1 PB-PT-081108-1
80*110*100 PB-AG-081110-2 PB-AT-081110-2 PB-PG-081110-2 PB-PT-081110-2
80*110*115 PB-AG-081111-3 PB-AT-081111-3 PB-PG-081111-3 PB-PT-081111-3
80*130*70 PB-AG-081307 PB-AT-081307 PB-PG-081307 PB-PT-081307
80*130*85 PB-AG-081308-1 PB-AT-081308-1 PB-PG-081308-1 PB-PT-081308-1
80*160*55 PB-AG-081605-S PB-AT-081605-S PB-PG-081605-S PB-PT-081605-S
80*160*90 PB-AG-081609 PB-AT-081609 PB-PG-081609 PB-PT-081609
80*180*70 PB-AG-081807 PB-AT-081807 PB-PG-081807 PB-PT-081807
80*180*85 PB-AG-081808-1 PB-AT-081808-1 PB-PG-081808-1 PB-PT-081808-1
80*220*70 PB-AG-082207 PB-AT-082207 PB-PG-082207 PB-PT-082207
80*250*70 PB-AG-082507 PB-AT-082507 PB-PG-082507 PB-PT-082507
80*250*85 PB-AG-082508-1 PB-AT-082508-1 PB-PG-082508-1 PB-PT-082508-1
80*250*100 PB-AG-082510-2 PB-AT-082510-2 PB-PG-082510-2 PB-PT-082510-2
91*110*43 PB-AG-091004 PB-AT-091004 PB-PG-091004 PB-PT-091004
90*125*48 PB-AG-091204 PB-AT-091204 PB-PG-091204 PB-PT-091204
94*130*70 PB-AG-091307 PB-AT-091307 PB-PG-091307 PB-PT-091307
94*130*100 PB-AG-091310-1 PB-AT-091310-1 PB-PG-091310-1 PB-PT-091310-1
100*100*75 PB-AG-101007 PB-AT-101007 PB-PG-101007 PB-PT-101007
100*100*100 PB-AG-101010-1 PB-AT-101010-1 PB-PG-101010-1 PB-PT-101010-1
100*224*75 PB-AG-102207 PB-AT-102207 PB-PG-102207 PB-PT-102207
100*180*75 PB-AG-101807 PB-AT-101807 PB-PG-101807 PB-PT-101807
113*183*90 PB-AG-111809 PB-AT-111809 PB-PG-111809 PB-PT-111809
113*183*105 PB-AG-111810-1 PB-AT-111810-1 PB-PG-111810-1 PB-PT-111810-1
120*160*90 PB-AG-121609 PB-AT-121609 PB-PG-121609 PB-PT-121609
120*200*75 PB-AG-122007 PB-AT-122007 PB-PG-122007 PB-PT-122007
120*220*85 PB-AG-122208 PB-AT-122208 PB-PG-122208 PB-PT-122208
125*125*75 PB-AG-121707-S PB-AT-121707-S PB-PG-121707-S PB-PT-121707-S
125*125*100 PB-AG-121210 PB-AT-121210 PB-PG-121210 PB-PT-121210
125*175*75 PB-AG-121707 PB-AT-121707 PB-PG-121707 PB-PT-121707
125*175*100 PB-AG-121710-1 PB-AT-121710-1 PB-PG-121710-1 PB-PT-121710-1
125*175*110 PB-AG-121711-2 PB-AT-121711-2 PB-PG-121711-2 PB-PT-121711-2
125*175*135 PB-AG-121713-3 PB-AT-121713-3 PB-PG-121713-3 PB-PT-121713-3
140*170*95 PB-AG-141709 PB-AT-141709 PB-PG-141709 PB-PT-141709
140*230*95 PB-AG-142309 PB-AT-142309 PB-PG-142309 PB-PT-142309
150*200*75 PB-AG-152007-S PB-AT-152007-S PB-PG-152007-S PB-PT-152007-S
150*200*100 PB-AG-152010 PB-AT-152010 PB-PG-152010 PB-PT-152010
150*200*130 PB-AG-152013-1 PB-AT-152013-1 PB-PG-152013-1 PB-PT-152013-1
150*200*130 PB-AG-152013-2 PB-AT-152013-2 PB-PG-152013-2 PB-PT-152013-2
150*200*160 PB-AG-152016-3 PB-AT-152016-3 PB-PG-152016-3 PB-PT-152016-3
150*250*100 PB-AG-152510 PB-AT-152510 PB-PG-152510 PB-PT-152510
150*250*130 PB-AG-152513-1 PB-AT-152513-1 PB-PG-152513-1 PB-PT-152513-1
150*250*130 PB-AG-152513-2 PB-AT-152513-2 PB-PG-152513-2 PB-PT-152513-2
150*250*160 PB-AG-152516-3 PB-AT-152516-3 PB-PG-152516-3 PB-PT-152516-3
175*175*75 PB-AG-171707 PB-AT-171707 PB-PG-171707 PB-PT-171707
175*175*100 PB-AG-171710-1 PB-AT-171710-1 PB-PG-171710-1 PB-PT-171710-1
175*175*125 PB-AG-171712-2 PB-AT-171712-2 PB-PG-171712-2 PB-PT-171712-2
175*175*150 PB-AG-171715-3 PB-AT-171715-3 PB-PG-171715-3 PB-PT-171715-3
175*250*75 PB-AG-172507 PB-AT-172507 PB-PG-172507 PB-PT-172507
175*250*100 PB-AG-172510-1 PB-AT-172510-1 PB-PG-172510-1 PB-PT-172510-1
180*255*100 PB-AG-182510 PB-AT-182510 PB-PG-182510 PB-PT-182510
200*200*95 PB-AG-202009-S PB-AT-202009-S PB-PG-202009-S PB-PT-202009-S
200*200*125 PB-AG-202012-1 PB-AT-202012-1 PB-PG-202012-1 PB-PT-202012-1
200*200*130 PB-AG-202013 PB-AT-202013 PB-PG-202013 PB-PT-202013
200*200*160 PB-AG-202016-2 PB-AT-202016-2 PB-PG-202016-2 PB-PT-202016-2
200*250*100 PB-AG-202510 PB-AT-202510 PB-PG-202510 PB-PT-202510
200*300*105 PB-AG-203010 PB-AT-203010 PB-PG-203010 PB-PT-203010

Installation Guide

1. Install according to the usage environment of the waterproof box. Some boxes will be used on mechanical equipment, which generally requires that the box be fixed tightly, otherwise it may fall off easily. Therefore, it is necessary to use strong adhesive or screws for fixation during installation. There are also surface mounted boxes that require waterproof boxes with ears, which can be installed outside the wall.

2. Install according to the selected components. The plastic waterproof box has installation holes inside, which can be equipped with bottom plate reinforcement components, as well as waterproof connectors, wiring terminals, and other products.