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Technical Parameters

Hot sales Waterproof IP67 HT Series electrical distribution box 250*195*110
Protection degree
Operating temperature
up to 80 degrees Celsius
Product material
ABS and PC
Product structure
it offers an aesthetically pleasing design alongside robust functionality
hoar offwhite
The waterproof distribution box functions as a pivotal device for the power supply, distribution, and management of outdoor electrical circuits. It is designed with features such as water resistance, dustproofing, and anti-corrosion capabilities, enabling it to withstand severe weather and environmental conditions. This box differs from a standard distribution box through its construction; it's made from high-durability materials with excellent sealing and water-resistant properties. This robust design ensures that it operates effectively over extended periods, even in challenging conditions like wet and dusty climates.
The waterproof distribution box is commonly utilized in a variety of outdoor electrical settings, including city street lighting, highway illumination, mining operations, bridges, tunnels, and maritime platforms. The challenging conditions of these locations, characterized by fluctuating weather patterns, tough landscapes, and unique circumstances, necessitate the use of a distribution box with waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive properties. These features are critical to maintaining circuit functionality and guaranteeing the safety of personnel, even amidst the most demanding environmental conditions.

This device boasts superior insulation, is impervious to chemical degradation, and can withstand significant mechanical pressure. It adheres to the stringent IP66 protection criteria, ensuring that each box is shielded from dust, water, and can endure temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. Constructed from durable materials like ABS and PC, it offers an aesthetically pleasing design alongside robust functionality. It's apt for various applications, including housing for small terminals, button boxes, signaling devices, relays, meters, and communication junction boxes, among other types of equipment.