What should be considered when designing a waterproof junction box (1)

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1. Materials. At present, the main application fields of waterproof junction box are the working site and open field with relatively bad environment. The impact resistance, static load strength, insulation property, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and flame retardance of the material should be considered when considering the safety performance of the product. There is also growing concern about non-toxicity, since most people die in fires from inhaling large amounts of toxic gases, and waterproof junction boxes do not release toxic or harmful gases in the event of a fire.

2. Structural design. The waterproof junction box should be considered for its overall strength, aesthetic appearance, easy to process, easy to install and recyclable. At present, the waterproof junction box products produced by international mainstream manufacturers do not contain any metal accessories, which can simplify the product recycling process. Most domestic manufacturers choose different materials to make junction box. Generally, brass parts are embedded into the mounting bearing in the waterproof junction box to increase the installation strength. But this will increase the time and cost in the material recovery process. This problem can be solved by selecting raw materials with high performance index provided by regular manufacturers.

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