What is a cable gland

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     Cable gland, also known as cable fixing gland, is widely used for fixing or protecting wires and cables of mechanical equipment, marine electrical equipment and anti-corrosion equipment. The main function is to fasten and seal the cable. Fastening refers to locking the cable through the gland head, so that the cable does not produce axial displacement and radial rotation, so as to ensure the normal connection of the cable. Sealing refers to IP protection, that is, dust-proof and waterproof. As for the protection grade of cable gland, it depends on the structure of the manufacturer's gland head. The highest protection grade of our company's cable gland products can reach up to IP68. There are also some special places to use cable gland, such as shielded cable waterproof connector, suitable for the cable with shielding layer, suitable for armored cable waterproof gland, suitable for mine and other dangerous areas of explosion-proof cable waterproof gland.

    It can be divided into plastic products and metal products according to the material: plastic products, the industry mainly uses nylon material, PA66 or PVDF and other materials; metal products, the vast majority of the industry use brass, at the same time nickel plating in order to prevent corrosion. Stainless steel materials also will be used, such as stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316, etc.

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