What should be considered when designing a waterproof junction box (2)

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3. The wall thickness. Generally, considering the overall cost of the product, it is necessary to reduce the wall thickness of the product on the basis of meeting the impact resistance performance of the product as much as possible. In the international design of waterproof junction boxes, the wall thickness of ABS and PC materials is generally between 2.5-3.5mm, glass fiber reinforced polyester is generally between 5-6.5mm, and the wall thickness of die-casting materials is generally between 2.5-6mm. Of course, the wall thickness should meet the installation requirements of most components and accessories.

4. Sealing gasket material. For waterproof junction box products, commonly used PUR, EPDM, etc. as the sealing ring materials. The temperature range, tension resistance, expansion rate, hardness, density, compression ratio and chemical resistance shall be considered when selecting sealing ring.

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