What is a industrial socket box

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  The industrial socket box, which means the sockets of multiple electrical appliances are concentrated in one box. Socket box can not only neatly store all the sockets, but also facilitate their use and maintenance. Common socket box types are lighting type, waterproof type, explosion-proof type, waterproof type, industrial type, civil type and so on. At present, the current of industrial plugs can meet the requirements of 16A, 32A, 65A, 125A, 250A and 400A, while the conversion plugs can only meet the working needs of current below 10A.      

      The outer box of the industrial socket box is made of aluminum alloy or ABS shell by die casting, and the inner part is of modular structure so the circuit can be assembled freely as needed. It also has the protection function of overload, short circuit and leakage. There are two main installation methods of socket box, one is wall mounted, the other is ground mobile. The wall mounted type needs to adjust the installation height according to the actual installation requirements, while the ground mobile type does not need to be installed, and only needs to determine the ground position.

What is a industrial socket box

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