Differences between socket box and distribution box

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  Socket box and distribution box are similar in category, both are power supply equipment. But there are differences between the two, mainly reflected in the different internal structure, function and installation position.

1. Different internal structure

The distribution box is closed. The raw materials for processing can be metal or plastic. The interior is mainly composed of switch equipment, measuring instrument, air switch, leakage protection switch, double power automatic transfer switch and other protective appliances and auxiliary equipment. The socket box is full of sockets and rarely exposes the wires.

2. Different functions

The socket box is used to place the socket, and the socket is used to electrify the electrical equipment. The distribution box is used to protect the safety of power supply equipment and keep the power supply equipment clean and tidy. During normal use, the circuit can be switched on and off manually or automatically.

3. Different installation positions

Socket box is usually used for indoor power line socket device or communication line socket device. There are two installation positions, one is fixed in the wall, the other is moving on the ground. The distribution box is generally installed near the main circuit gate.

Differences between socket box and distribution box

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