Several methods of printing LOGO on plastic waterproof box

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  Many of our plastic waterproof boxes can be customized with LOGO on them. LOGO of different effects can be produced with different printing processes and costs. The methods of printing logo on plastic box are as follows:

1. Laser engraving. Laser Engraving Is a method of engraving on a numerical control machining basis with Laser as the medium. Its advantages are low price, suitable for almost all non-metallic materials, energy saving and environmental protection, non-contact processing which will not damage the surface of the plastic junction box, can ensure the same batch of engraving effect is consistent and can be accurately engraved according to the computer input image. It is usually suitable for plastic boxes with enough thickness and no requirement for carving color.

2. Screen printing. The printing principle of screen printing is that the ink can pass through the mesh of the picture and text part under a certain pressure, while the mesh of the non graphic part cannot pass through the ink. Its advantages are not limited to the size and shape of the substrate, ink layer coverage, easy plate making, low price and excellent performance of outdoor advertising printing. Usually suitable for simple printing requirements, color limit to monochrome or bio-color.

3.Uv inkjet printing. UV Inkjet printing uses UV ink that is printed and cured by UV light. Its advantages are that it can be printed on any material, low cost, high efficiency and high image quality of finished products. It is usually suitable for printing on plastic boxes with 3D relief or color printing requirements.

4. Heat transfer printing. It is a new printing technology, the main advantages is that it has strong decorative process, environmental protection, low cost of mass printing. It is usually used for printing uneven surface and large volume plastic boxes.

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