Instructions For PH Series Terminal Box

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Number of terminals: 4P、6P、10P、15P、20P(Optional)

Number of waterproof cable gland: can be customized according to the demand

Protect level: IP66

Voltage and electric current: normal withstand voltage of terminal block is 400V, withstand voltage is 4KV, normal electric current is 0.75mmsq to 1.5mmsq

Features: excellent insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, mechanical extrusion resistance, long service life, easy installation

Structure composition: cover with sealing ring, bottom shell with waterproof cable gland

Installation tool: a cross screwdriver

Installation steps:

1. Thread the cable into the bottom shell, the cable should be stripped about 6-8 cm in advance.

2. Pull back the cable and tighten the waterproof connector housing clockwise. Strip the wire about 2cm, and complete the terminal wiring as required.

3. Close the cover, make sure the seal ring corresponds to the bottom shell pattern, and then use a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the four corners.

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