Notes on installation and use of cable gland (1)

Publish Time: Author: Site Editor

      Cable connector can usually be seen in our daily life and work, and now more and more fields are willing to buy and use nylon cable gland. So, when installing and using nylon cable connector, we still need to pay attention to more details. Here we will talk about the specific installation and use precautions.

1.According to their own needs to select the appropriate cable gland information, the quality in the cable gland market is uneven, if you want to ensure the quality of cable joints, then the most important thing is not to covet cheap prices, ensure to choose a reliable quality manufacturers.

2.Before installing the cable connector, you must read the product manual given by the manufacturer. After thoroughly understanding the cable gland, you can start the installation. You should think about the installation sequence first, and then start the installation.

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