How to detect the hole of plastic flexible conduit pipe? (1)

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      After the conduit pipe is formed, it is necessary to detect whether there are holes on the conduit pipe to prevent defective products from entering the market and ensure the quality of production and processing.

      Method one. Using the method of light detection, the light source is put into the conduit pipe to make the light source move in the pipe. A photosensitive element is set outside the conduit pipe to follow the light source, and the light detection is carried out by the photosensitive element. When there is a hole in the conduit pipe, the light from the light source passes through the hole to the outside of the conduit pipe. After receiving the light, the photosensitive element sends out an indication signal, which indicates that the conduit pipe has holes and is defective and needs to be eliminated. However, due to multiple folds on the conduit pipe, the adjacent folds are easy to block each other. When the holes are blocked by adjacent folds, the light still can not be emitted from the holes, which is easy to cause false detection and poor detection effect.

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