Comparison of two methods for detecting holes in plastic flexible conduit pipe

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      There are two methods to detect flexible conduit pipe holes, which are wind energy and light. 1. Compared with the light detection method in the existing technology, the wind can be used to detect the holes on the flexible conduit pipe. On the one hand, because the wind has no fixed direction, it can fill the flexible conduit pipe after entering the conduit pipe, so as to carry out comprehensive inspection of the flexible conduit pipes; on the other hand, because the wind has certain blowing force on other objects in the process of flow, when the hole is covered by the wrinkles on the adjacent side, the wind can detect the holes completely When blocking, the occluded part can be pushed away to flow out of the hole, so the detection accuracy can be improved. 2. In the process of wind energy detection, through the rotation of the screw pipe, the center slider drives the upper slide block to slide, so that the flexible conduit pipe is tightly fixed, and the flexible conduit pipe is driven to rotate, so as to comprehensively detect multiple parts of the flexible conduit pipe and improve the detection accuracy.

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