How to detect the hole of plastic flexible conduit pipe? (2)

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      The second method is to use wind for detection. The conduit pipe is fixed on the worktable with a fixing mechanism. At this time, the wind in the pipe will be blown into the threaded pipe through the central shaft pipe, and blown into the conduit pipe by the threaded pipe. The air flow moves from one end of the conduit pipe to the other. When there is a hole in the conduit pipe, the air flow will blow out from the hole to the bottom plate of the detection platform, and cause vibration of the vibration shaft. In the process of vibration, the vibrating shaft continuously swings the hanging ball, which makes the ball impact on the metal bell shell, thus making the metal bell shell sound, reminding the operator that the conduit pipe has holes, which is defective; when there is no hole on the conduit pipe, the air flow will blow out through the other end of the conduit pipe, so it will not cause the metal bell shell to sound. Therefore, the conduit pipe is tested.

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