How to choose a suitable waterproof terminal box

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  First of all, the material of waterproof terminal box should be determined. Our company's waterproof junction box products are made of plastic and cast aluminum. Plastic also includes ABS material with high cost performance and PC material with more beautiful appearance together higher performance. Under the same using environment, plastic terminal box is more cost-effective, but if you don't mind the price,it will be better to choose cast aluminum material. The terminals inside the box are also made of different materials. Our company adopts copper terminals for all waterproof junction boxes. Compared with iron terminals, copper terminals have better electrical conductivity and are not easy to rust.

  The second is to select the product specifications, which will be based on the actual installation requirements. The size of terminal junction box is generally determined by the number of terminals required in the waterproof junction box.

  Finally, consider the level of waterproof and dustproof, which depends on the installation environment. Indoor installation usually requires a lower waterproof level of the waterproof junction box, while outdoor installation will take into account the adverse weather environment and other factors thus will use a box with higher proof level. Our waterproof box products cover a lot of protection levels, up to IP68. Whether used indoors or outdoors, cast aluminum lasts longer in terms of service life.

How to choose a suitable waterproof terminal box

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