Installation of waterproof junction box

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1. Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the basic parameters of the waterproof junction box meet the actual use conditions. For example, ABS waterproof junction box products install in outdoor should be with protection level higher than IP65 so that it can be selected as far as possible.

2. The whole installation process of waterproof junction box should be carried out by professionals.

3. Before installing the waterproof junction box, the power supply must be cut off and the power supply must be kept off during the process.

4. Before installing the waterproof box, remove the compression nut, take out the sealing component and open the front cover of the waterproof junction box.

5. Drill holes at the installation position according to the installation size, and fix the bottom shell of plastic waterproof junction box with expansion bolt.

6. Screw out the compression nut, take out the rubber sealing ring, pass the cable through the compression nut, clamping claw, clamping ring, basic body, gasket and small nut of the cable gland in turn, and then tighten the compression nut to prevent the cable from pulling off.

7. Connect the wiring of the equipment in the waterproof junction box, such as terminals, and install the outer cover of the waterproof junction box.

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