How to use cable gland and waterproof junction box together

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  Waterproof cable gland is generally used in conjunction with the waterproof junction box, which is generally called the waterproof terminal box.

    The waterproof cable gland is generally installed on the outer wall of the plastic waterproof junction box. The size of the holes drilling is consistent with the size of the external thread of the gland.

   Wiring and holes drilling should be considered for customization. Generally at least one for in and one for out, which involves at least two holes drilling on the box wall and the installation of waterproof cable glands. Therefore, before placing an order, the customer must contact our salesman to determine the size and location of the holes drilling, as well as whether they need to be equipped with the corresponding waterproof cable glands.

    In the process of use, whether the terminal or other electrical components are installed in the junction box , it must be connected through the waterproof cable gland to ensure the waterproof performance of the box body.

    The lid of our company's waterproof box use dispensing machine to complete the non-detachable silicone sealing ring, so as to achieve the performance of IP68.


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