What is corrugated conduit?

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    Corrugated conduit refers to a kind of tubular elastic sensitive element, which is composed of foldable along the direction of folding and stretching. Corrugated conduit can be divided into metal and non-metallic materials according to their constituent materials. Metal materials mainly include bronze, brass, stainless steel, etc., while non-metallic materials mainly refers to plastic materials. Plastic and other non-metallic corrugated pipe conduit play an irreplaceable role in the fields of medium transmission, power threading, machine tools, household appliances and so on. Though the conduit wall is thin, nylon corrugated conduit has excellent compression resistance, waterproof and dust-proof performance, and it is widely used in protection cables in daily life.

    Our nylon products on sale include corrugated conduit made of UL certified nylon PA66. The color specifications of corrugated conduit can be customized according to customers requirement. If you need to purchase the matching fixed hose bracket, our company also has the corresponding bracket products. If you are interested, please come and chat with the salesman!

What is corrugated conduit?

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