Welcome to CNPNJI bi-monthly sharing session

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  The domestic and foreign trade salesmen were divided into four groups to make and explain the PPT. The score was given according to the explanation ability of each groups narrator, the exquisite degree of PPT production and whether  the explanation content is meaningful enough. The group with the highest score has a chance to turn the wheel to win the prize, while the group with the lowest score will be punished by turning the wheel. The main content of the exchange meeting was to share various problems and solutions in the process of communication with customers. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Chen summarized the meeting and proposed that we should treat customers sincerely and carefully while considering the requirements of customers. All the partners who attended the meeting gained a lot.

  Pinji keep improving itself in various ways. The factory will continuously introduce advanced production machines to improve production efficiency, while the business department will improve its service level through sharing and communication. Hope you can choose Pinji and trust Pinji!

  Let's congratulate today's winners!

Welcome to CNPNJI bi-monthly sharing session

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