Characteristics and application of flexible conduit pipe

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1. It has both rigidity and flexibility, which not only has sufficient mechanical properties, but also has excellent flexibility.

2. Compared with plate pipe, per unit length corrugated pipe has the advantages of light weight, material saving, energy consumption reducing and low price.

3. It has strong chemical corrosion resistance and can withstand the influence of acid and alkali in soil.

4. The shape of corrugated pipe can strengthen the load resistance of the pipe to soil without increasing its flexibility, so that it can be laid continuously on the uneven road surface.

5. Convenient interface and good sealing performance, easy handling and installation, reducing labor intensity and shortening construction period.

6. Wide temperature range, flame retardant and safety.

7. It has good electrical insulation performance and is an ideal material for wire bushing.

Main application fields:

1. Water supply and drainage pipeline system

2. Electrical wiring piping for buildings

3. Agricultural irrigation

4. Distribution of automobile oil pipeline

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