Tinting of aluminum alloy junction box shell (2)

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(3) Hole sealing: the pores of the porous oxide film produced after anodizing are closed, which improves the stain resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the oxide film. The oxide film itself is colorless and transparent. If the strong adsorption effect of the oxide film is used before sealing the hole, some metal salts will be adsorbed and deposited in the film hole, so that the final material will appear in addition to the natural color (silver white), such as black, bronze, golden yellow and other colors.

        Aluminum profile shell has high elasticity and good leak proof function, which can be cut in any depth. Generally speaking, there is a circuit board slot inside. As long as the circuit board is directly inserted, it does not need to be fixed again. This convenience is incomparable to other types of enclosures. Secondly, its waterproof performance is relatively strong, which can be applied to the field and the place with bad environment.

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