Common problems with installation of industrial sockets

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1.In some wet and cold indoor spaces, such as kitchen and toilet, it is necessary to install waterproof splash box or plastic partition on the socket panel to avoid short circuit fault caused by oil stain and water vapor invasion.

2. If you can choose the socket switch, it will be more convenient to use. If you have open and close equipment, you can avoid the process of plug pulling and plugging, and the power transformer will be immediately available.

3. Proper transmission line ends shall be applied when installing the spiral light at the paperback port. For a long transmission line, exposed part will lead to short circuit fault; For a short transmission line , the electric conductor will loose, then the contact resistance is too large to be overtemperature and lead to fire accident.

4. The power plug suitable for industrial sockets should not has a small cross section with a large applied output power,  thus avoid resulting in hot transmission lines and fire.

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