Influencing factors of internal pressure capacity of corrugated pipe

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      It is very important for corrugated pipe to bear internal pressure. It has been proved by experiments that most of the damages of corrugated pipe in engineering are caused by exceeding the internal pressure of corrugated pipe. Therefore, it is necessary to study the internal pressure of corrugated pipe.

      When the corrugated pipe is subjected to more pressure than it can support in the axial direction, it will bend suddenly and lose the stability of straight line shape like a compression bar or a cylindrical spiral spring. If the internal pressure of the corrugated pipe is higher than that it can support, instability will also occur. Whether it is elastic seals, axial expansion compensator, metal hose, there are such problems. In other words, the ability of corrugated pipe to withstand internal pressure generally depends on its stability. In order to study the stability of corrugated pipe, the well-known Euler compression bar formula can be used to calculate its critical load. In this way, the critical load of corrugated pipe can be approximately solved by calculation method.

      In the actual work, corrugated pipe will bear a certain pressure, which requires the corrugated pipe to have sufficient pressure resistance capacity. In the production process of corrugated pipe, reasonable structural parameters will be determined through design and experiment to ensure the bearing capacity of corrugated pipe. Therefore, when choosing and applying corrugated pipe products, we should know more about the critical load and design pressure of corrugated pipe hanger And other parameters to ensure that the products meet the needs of the actual working conditions.

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