What is insulation?

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      The so-called insulation is the use of non-conductive materials to isolate or wrap the charged body to protect against electric shock. Insulation can be divided into gas insulation, liquid insulation and solid insulation. In practical application, solid insulation is still the most widely used and most reliable insulation material.

      Under the action of strong current, the insulating material may be broken down and lose its insulating property. Among the three kinds of insulating materials mentioned above, once the external factors (strong electric field) are removed, the gas insulation material can recover its inherent electrical insulation performance by itself, while the solid insulation material will lose its electrical insulation performance irreversibly after being broken down. Therefore, the insulation selection of electrical lines and equipment must match the voltage level, and must adapt to the use environment and operating conditions, so as to ensure the safety of insulation.

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