How to choose IP68 waterproof cast aluminum junction box correctly(2)

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3. Pay attention to those parts included in the standard configuration of the product

Most manufacturers can't show the standard accessories through their product numbers. Generally we can understand that a junction box contains a box cover, a box body, a sealing strip and box cover screw. According to different needs, manufacturers will also be equipped with such optional accessories as wall fixed corner, floor installation, cable connector, etc. In order to avoid trouble afterwards, it is very necessary to find out which parts are standard and which are optional accessories before ordering.

4. Long term working environment of equipment

Generally speaking, only buy the right ones instead of the expensive ones. The price of waterproof junction box varies greatly according to different materials. Before selecting the type, youd better make sure whether the equipment works indoors or outdoors for a long time. If it is the former, we recommend the relatively low price ABS waterproof junction box. ABS can fully meet the general indoor needs with its excellent comprehensive performance; if the outdoor environment is good, the waterproof junction box with polycarbonate has better weather resistance, heat resistance and flame retardant than ABS products Properties, anti ultraviolet, anti-aging and other properties, however, the price should be higher.

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