How to choose IP68 waterproof cast aluminum junction box correctly(1)

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1. Select the right seal grade

The level of IP protection is a very important factor in choosing a waterproof junction box. According to IEC-60529, the first number of the IP(Ingress Protection) level is the protection ability of the shell resistance of the intrusion of solid particles, while the second number is the protection ability of the shell resistance of the water droplets. The IP grade of the quality base waterproof cast aluminum terminal box is up to IP67, which means that it can adapt to the harsh environment.

The IP level is only defined for the shell, but the equipment should also meet the corresponding requirements after installation. That is to say, if the waterproof junction box needs to install the cable waterproof connector, its protection level should be higher than the box (the waterproof cable connector provided by our company can meet the standard of IP68).

2. Choose the right size

Of course, the choice of the correct size of the waterproof junction box is based on the size of the existing components and the location of the device to be placed. However, we should also consider whether new components will be added in the future, and if so, whether it has enough space. It should also be noted that the reference size provided by the junction box supplier is external size or internal size. It should also be noted that the installation space is usually smaller than the internal size provided.

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