Basic terms in electrical industry (2)

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6. Short circuit current

Over current by a short circuit caused by a fault in a circuit or a wrong connection.

7. Overload

An operating condition that produces an over current in a normal circuit.

8. Overload current

An over current in a circuit that has not been electrically damaged.

9. Ambient air temperature

The air temperature around the entire switchgear or fuse under specified conditions.

Note: for switchgear or fuse with enclosed enclosure, the temperature refers to the temperature outside the enclosure.

10. Conductive part

The part that can conduct electricity but does not necessarily carry the working current.

11.Exposed conductive part

The conductive part which is easy to be touched by the operator and the part which is not charged under normal conditions but can be changed into live part in case of fault.

Note: typical exposed parts such as enclosure wall, operating handle, etc.

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Basic terms in electrical industry (2)

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