CNPNJI communicate session

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CNPNJI’s staff are here to meet you again!

CNPNJI communicate session


First cames the sharing from the marketing department about how to orientate our store from four dimensions of customers, categories, store style and competitors of the same trade. They also elaborate eight aspects of product optimization. We will gradually modify and complete some product details so that you can see more information about the product. The Ministry of foreign trade starts from a case of customized copper terminals to tell about the problems in trade. Because the standards of copper pipes at home and abroad are different, if it is a custom-made size, it must be specified in advance to give sufficient production time. Colleagues from the Ministry of internal trade shared the model information and usage of a new product, as well as some personal work experience. No one has a smooth ride instead everyone stumbles. Pinji's journey also not smooth, but we have survived any difficulties and we keeps doing better in the future.

Finally, it's time to announce the prize. Today's winning team: marketing department!

Team to be improved: rich team of the Ministry of internal trade!

We are looking forward to have more communication with you!

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