Brief Analysis of the Difference between switch Box and Junction Box (2)

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2. Switch box, socket box and lamp box are the terminal boxes for the installation of these three types of installation. They are used for installing fixed panel and wiring in the box when installing switch socket of lamps.

3. Although the junction box and switch box are auxiliary materials in the electrical installation engineering, they are the unpriced main materials in the separate installation quota subitem of the junction box and switch box, so the unit price of the main materials needs to be input.

4. At present, H86 is widely used in the installation of junction box and switch box, whether it is metal box or PVC plastic box, that is, the box surface width is 86mm, and the box depth is 50mm and 70mm.

5. The lamp cap box and socket box are used to calculate the junction box.

6. The switch box is calculated according to the actual number of drawings; the junction box is according to the pipeline branch or return pipe must transition, when the pipeline linear distance and the number of elbows exceed the requirements of the specification, the junction box must be added for the calculation according to the actual situation. In this part, the pipeline condition, pipe line and elbow condition must be analyzed and calculated.

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