Brief Analysis of the Difference between switch Box and Junction Box (1)

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      The electrical circuits in buildings are generally installed in a concealed way. There is a switch box where the switch needs to be installed, that is, the switch box. The function of the switch box is to install the switch (fixed) and the switch wiring. Then the switch box is also called the junction box. If there is no switch or socket on the box, and there is a cover plate, it can only be called the junction box. For the line needs branch, the pipe that should be turned for the convenience of threading, it needs to install the junction box. Many people think that the switch box is the junction box. In fact, there are differences between the switch box and the junction box.

      1. The junction box is the transition box that must be set when the pipeline elbow exceeds the distance and the number of elbows in the electrical piping line and when the pipeline has branches. The box is reserved when the pipeline is allocated to the load terminal, which is the junction box. Its function is to facilitate threading, branching and transition wiring.

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