Characteristics and uses of industrial socket box

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The material of industrial socket box has PC plastic, PC/ABS, stainless steel. Most of the suppliers use PC plastics and PC/ABS hybrid plastics.

For PC plastic and PC/ABS hybrid plastic :

1: The protection level of the box can reach up to IP67, with good flame retardant performance.

2: The shell is thick, which can effectively prevent water, dust and corrosion.

3: Can customize drilling holes according to your requirement, be more freedom on the choice of the socket and switch .

4: Compared with stainless steel, it has light weight, long life, insulation and convenient installation.

5: The lines inside are regular and neat.

6: Electricity is safer.

7: Due to light quality, more choices can be made according to the demand: wall-mounted, portable and mobile.


Can be used in iron and steel metallurgy, oil chemical, electric power, electronics, construction site, airport, mining, water treatment plants, plastic machinery, IT, military, railway, aerospace, medical, food, automated production equipment, packaging equipment, tunnel project, generator set, power distribution cabinets, power transmission and distribution equipment, outdoor stadium outdoor display, stage lighting and audio and the port, wharf, shopping malls, hotels and other kinds of enterprises, and equipped with corresponding plug or connector, convenient for users to install and use.

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