Calibration of cast aluminum junction box (2)

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3. Pull out test of cast aluminum junction box: the purpose is to test whether the wiring terminal can clamp the wire firmly between metals. Connect the wire with the specified type and rated cross-sectional area with the terminal, pull the wire towards the wire axis direction with a certain force for one minute. If the wire does not come out of the terminal, the product is qualified.

4. Mechanical strength test: the purpose is to test whether the terminal has sufficient mechanical strength, especially the terminal shell. During the test, a sample is put into the drum of the test equipment and rotated at the speed of five revolutions per minute. Take out the sample for observation after 5 minutes. If the terminal is not damaged and the shell is not cracked, then the product is qualified.

5. Service life test of the cast aluminum terminal box: the purpose is to test whether the elastic components outside the cast aluminum terminal box can withstand a certain number of plugging or other mechanical operations, such as the clamping and loosening of the spring-type terminal buttons. If the elastic component can still be used normally after the test, then the product is qualified.