Calibration of cast aluminum junction box (1)

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      The cast aluminum junction box is simple in appearance, but it also needs to go through a series of tests to meet our factory standard. The following mainly describes the test methods and standards from the mechanical properties of terminals.

1. Torque test of cast aluminum junction box: the purpose is to test whether the screw has enough mechanical strength to ensure that there is no sliding wire in the process of wire pressing. After the test, if the screw has no deformation and fracture or the screw head groove has no damage that affects the continuous use, which indicates that the product is qualified.

2. Wire compression reliability test: The purpose is to test whether the wiring terminal can clamp the wire without excessive damage to the wire. Connect the wire of specified type and rated sectional area with the terminal, hang a certain weight, and rotate at the speed of 10 rotors per minute for 15 minutes. If the wire does not slide out of the terminal, nor does it break near the clamp, then the wire compression reliability of the terminal is qualified.

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