Features of cast aluminum junction box

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      The cast aluminum junction box has the characteristics of dust-proof, waterproof, explosion-proof, beautiful appearance, impact resistance and anti-impact deformation. We can customize different sizes of cast aluminum junction box according to your requirement. It is mainly used for terminal block box, control box, line switching, instrument installation and assembly of electronic and electrical product .

       The parameters of cast aluminum waterproof junction box produced by our company are as follows:

1. The waterproof level can reach up to IP66 / IP67, all products can be completely dust-proof and can work in water for a short time without water inflow.

2. Impact resistance IK09.

3. The surface has good corrosion resistance after spraying treatment.

4. Material: die casting aluminum.

5. We have obtained the certification certified by EU system: UL, reach, CE, etc.

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