Analysis of the installation process of industrial socket box(1)

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      1. First of all, pay attention to the installation of power transmission line of industrial socket. The section of copper core wire must be applied to the power transmission line of switching power supply. The standard of "live line, zero line and lamp port" must be followed when wiring. Leakage protection switch should also be set in the industrial socket.

       2. Make sure the position that each industrial socket must be installed first, and then make decision on the application of household appliances in the future. General dark spacing pavement is better than 1.8 meters, dark buried spacing pavement is higher than 0.3 meters, industrial socket should be about 1.5 meters, at least to about 2 meters.

      3. Then it is necessary to use a separate industrial socket, because overload operation is easy to cause fire accidents. The ground wire of three-hole socket must be connected, cannot let it exist in name only, otherwise once the power goes, it will cause an electric shock accident. Multiple control circuits are set up to avoid a short circuit fault and the whole house power consumption hemiplegia.

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