Basic terms in electrical industry (4)

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16. Enclosure

It can provide a specified degree of protection to prevent some external influences and parts approaching or touching live parts and moving parts.

Note: this definition is similar to IEV 441-13-01, which is applicable to electrical packages.

17. Integral enclosure

An enclosure that forms part of a device.

18.Utilization category (for a switching device or a fuse)

A combination of specified requirements relating to the operating conditions in which switching appliances or fuses perform their own purposes. The requirements are selected from a set of characteristics representing the actual use.

Note: the specified requirements include: making capacity (if applicable), breaking capacity, other characteristics, connected circuit and relevant service conditions and performance.

19. Isolation (isolating function)

For safety reasons, the function of cutting off part or whole electrical equipment power supply is achieved by separating the electrical appliance or part of it from the power supply.

20.Electric shock

The pathophysiological effect of electric current passing through human body or animal body.

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Basic terms in electrical industry (4)

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