Basic terms in electrical industry (3)

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12.External conductive part

Although it is not a part of an electrical installation, it is easy to introduce a part of potential (usually ground potential).

13.Live part

Conductors and conductive parts charged in normal use, including neutral conductors, but normally excluding protective neutral (PEN) conductors.

Note: this definition does not necessarily include the risk of electric shock.

14. Protective part (symbol PE)

In order to prevent electric shock, some measures are taken to electrically connect the following components to the required conductors, including:

- exposed conductive parts;

- external conductive parts;

- main earthing terminal;

- grounding electrode;

- power grounding point or artificial grounding neutral point.

15. Neutral conductor (symbol N)

A conductor connected to the neutral point of a system and capable of transmitting electrical energy.

Note: in some cases, the functions of neutral conductor and protective conductor can be combined into one under specified conditions. The conductor is called pen conductor (symbol PEN).

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Basic terms in electrical industry (3)

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