Application scope of waterproof junction box

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        Waterproof junction box can be divided into special-purpose type and general-purpose type. As a dust-proof and waterproof shell, it is used to protect the objects in the box and prevent the water from entering the circuit and instrument affect the service life of the product.

      The specific name of waterproof junction box is different due to regional differences and different scope of action. The main types of waterproof junction box used in industry are waterproof junction box, waterproof instrument junction box, waterproof photovoltaic junction box, etc. Waterproof box is mainly used for indoor and outdoor electrical, communication, fire-fighting facilities, steel smelting, petrochemical, electronic, electric power, railway, construction site, mine, mining site, airport, hotel, ship, large factory, coastal factory, unloading dock equipment, waste water treatment facilities, environmental pollution facilities, etc.


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