What is stuffing box

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        Cable stuffing box is used for cable locking or matching on the electric control cabinet. According to different uses, it can be divided into welding type, riveting type, clamping type, pipe type and other styles. The common materials of stuffing box are carbon steel, brass, stainless steel and nylon. Different types of stuffing box can match the cable diameter from 5-57mm. Types of stuffing box: welding type (TH), riveting type (TM), clamping type (TJ), square flange type (TF), triangle flange type (TS), circular flange type (TY), pipe type (TG) cable gland, German standard thin clamping type (TJ), with grounding cone ring (KVM-Z), without grounding cone ring (KVM-W). Stuffing box has been widely used in shipbuilding, power distribution cabinet factory, rolling stock, bridges, electric power, communication and many other industries.

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What is stuffing boxWhat is stuffing box


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