What is Spiral wrapping band

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      Spiral wrapping band is a kind of spiral rubber tube protective sleeve, which is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) by winding and welding. Due to the unique molding process, the pipe with a diameter of 3 meters can be produced, which is difficult for other processes to complete. The excellent fusion welding performance of HDPE not only ensures the molding process and product quality, but also provides a variety of reliable methods for construction connection, such as electrothermal fusion welding and thermal contraction connection. At the same time, because of this reason, the spiral wrapping band has unique environmental protection function and provides an effective method for pollution prevention and control which needs to be solved urgently.

      Performance of winding pipe: 1. It has stable chemical properties with strong acid, alkali and salt resistance. 2. Strong impact resistance, pressure resistance, large elastic deformation of pipe wall, but not easy to be damaged. 3. Aging resistance, can withstand direct sunlight. 4. Light weight. 5. Wide temperature range. 6. Convenient connection and excellent wear resistance. 7. Cheap price and low maintenance cost. 8. Environmental protection.

      The spiral wrapping band is mainly used in various construction machinery, mine hydraulic equipment and wire or cable protection with wear resistance requirements.

What is Spiral wrapping band

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