Wonderful use of laser lettering on nylon cable gland

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    We have mentioned several ways to print LOGO on a plastic waterproof junction box before. When customers need to purchase nylon cable gland, they will find that various symbols are often printed on the nut, conveying the type, specification, length and other information of the cable gland products, so as to help customer find the suitable model. The cable gland products printed with key information are shown in the figure below:

Wonderful use of laser lettering on nylon cable gland

    In the past, most of these symbols were printed by silk screen printing, but there are some problems with silk screen printing, such as poor hand feeling, ink evaporation that will pollute the environment, and long-term use will peel off or turn yellow. However, these problems can be solved by using UV laser marking. Laser lettering is gradually occupying the processing market of nylon cable glands.

    UV laser marking has very thin spot and high precision, that can be used as ultra precision rapid symbol, meanwhile, In addition, the laser symbol is not easy to wear, can not be changed, does not emit harmful gases, can clearly display the key information on the nylon cable gland, which not only makes up for the defects of silk screen printing, but also prevents the information from being tampered with. Compared with the traditional silk screen printing will crush materials or make printing errors leads to material waste, laser marking non touch processing characteristics can save material costs as much as possible, so that the material utilization rate reaches the highest.

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