Three kinds of waterproof breathable film production technology(2)

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      The third kind: hot pressing composite. Now the domestic market is mixed of good and bad product. There are few manufacturers who can really produce waterproof and breathable membrane. Many manufacturers say their waterproof and breathable membranes are good. In fact, some manufacturers offer waterproof and breathable membranes that are not waterproof at all. It's just that the user doesn't know how to detect it. Users only know that water is splashed on the waterproof and breathable membrane. The film is watertight. In fact, users don't know that water is pressurized and will permeate. The real waterproof and breathable membrane should be high permeability, high temperature resistance and aging resistance, and the hydrostatic pressure should be more than 2 meters. The production process should be pure thermal composite technology, without glue, and the temperature can reach 110 degrees above the temperature resistance, high strength, anti-aging, is the latest technology in China.

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