How to make nylon cable gland watertight (1)

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      When processing cable, special cable waterproof connector shall be used. Cable waterproof gland is a kind of connection device often used in power system. After the terminal is crimped, the waterproof filling glue is wound around the terminal. In this way, even in the bad environment, it can also be waterproof. Let's talk about the details.

1、 After filling the waterproof filling glue, use waterproof tape on the outermost layer of the filling glue and wrap one or several layers. However, it should be noted that the thickness of the winding can not be too thick. If it is too thick, the insulating pipe sleeve will not go in. Therefore, the thickness must be well controlled. When winding, it is because the thickness is not well grasped, resulting in the insulation pipe sleeve not entering and then we have to tear the adhesive again to continue.

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