How to make nylon cable gland watertight (2)

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2.The two ends of the heat shrinkable pipe need to be wound with waterproof tape respectively, and then a layer of self-adhesive waterproof tape should be wound. According to the model and specification of cable gland, the appropriate connector material is selected. Now the quality of cable gland material is different. In order to ensure the quality of the gland, we must choose the one with reliable quality when selecting, not Greedy for cheap price.

      In addition to the above methods of nylon cable gland, we can also shrink the heat shrinkable tube at the waterproof tape. In this way, the waterproof effect is relatively good. The waterproof system of nylon cable gland has always been the leader in the industry. I believe you have a certain understanding of the waterproof of nylon cable gland.

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